Reviews of Free or Free to Use Software, by BurkeyAcademy


BurkeyAcademy's guide to free (or mostly free) software for PCs (but some are available on other platforms)

This is a page of resources for the best free, open source or free to use software out there, in my opinion-- but please share your ideas! In particular, I am focusing mostly on research-related software, since I am an economist/mathematician,statistician/programmer. However, I will evaluate other types of software as well. I will review and discuss how-to in YouTube Videos as well. As I mention often, I highly value the ability to use a program as a PortableApp-- what this means is that it can be run from a pen drive, or run from your computer without installing it, there is no need to uninstall (just dlete!), and it doesn't junk up your registry. Almost no paid software allows you to legally run their software in this way. This level of convenience and lack of intrusion is wonderful. If you know if software that I don't know about, drop me a note!

Good Staring Places for Good, Free Software are: